Characters Made to Hate

Caroline Bingley (photo via Flickr/colorinchi)

Caroline Bingley (photo via Flickr/colorinchi)

Characters are meant to be disliked, even when we can’t help but like them. In every story there is a lovable villain, or even a protagonist who gets on our nerves.

In books it takes time to notice that the character is more than one dimensional. I’ve noticed that as I read through a book or series, I sometimes hate a character and sometimes love them. Some examples of characters from books that we love and hate can be found on BookRiot.

Movies are faster paced than books are, yet we still catch glimpses of characters that make us love and hate them. A movie is much more interesting when you accidentally start rooting for the antagonist.

Possibly the most obvious medium that we find characters to love and hate is in TV. Episodes on TV develop characters over several seasons and give us different sides to these characters. Some sides we identify with and others make us wish the character would get killed off. For a list of some of these characters you can check out WordandFilm.

Essentially, almost every villain has a human side to them, something for us to love. In the reverse, all our favorite characters are capable of cruelty or some other quality we usually associate with the antagonist. These characters make the storyline interesting and provide a real life element to the plot. The books, movies and TV shows we remember and love always include our most loved villains and hated heroes.


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