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Hey there friends. Today I’ve got a pretty short book tag for you. I’ve never done a book tag before, but when it comes to books I prefer talking about things I like than things I don’t, so I figured a book tag all about recommending books I love to people was something I wanted to give a try.

This book tag was created by ZarriahRose on Youtube and I saw that Ali from HardbackHoarder had done it so here we are.

1. Recommend the best book that you read last month.

Definitely STALKING JACK THE RIPPER by Kerri Manisclaco. I don’t have a lot of experience reading historical fiction, even in the YA category, and I was so surprised by how immersive and complete this world and story felt. I loved every second of it and the characters were fleshed out and genuine in a way that left me wanting more as soon as I turned the last page. (Subsequently, I’m now reading the sequel). I also did a post on it that you can read here.

2. Recommend an old favorite.

This one is a little tougher, as a lot of my favorites are books I’ve read in the last year or two and I wouldn’t classify that as “old favorites”. But there is one book I haven’t read probably since high school but that I used to read over and over during the summers. It’s HE’S WITH ME by Tamara Summers. This book is the classic summer contemporary. It’s the book that introduced me to the fake relationship trope before I even knew what that was. It’s a super cute and easy read that I devoured all the time and definitely recommend for anyone who loves cutesy contemporary romances.

3. Recommend a Nonfiction

I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but surprisingly I have two for this one. I know I should pick only one but they’re both so vastly different from one another and neither gets a lot of love from readers.

The first is kind of niche and unless you’re a hockey fan or just really love Montreal history you may not find it as amazing as I did, but that’s THE MONTREAL CANADIENS: THE HISTORY AND PLAYERS BEHIND HOCKEY’S MOST LEGENDARY TEAM by J. Alexander Poulton. I got this book as a gift from my brother for my birthday last year (I’m a huge hockey fan and it was the Canadiens Youtube channel that actually got me into it). I loved learning more about the team and it’s history and recommend it for anyone who also likes hockey.

The other one is THE SCIENCE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES: FROM BASKERVILLE HALL TO THE VALLEY OF FEAR, THE REAL FORENSICS BEHIND THE GREAT DETECTIVE’S GREATEST CASES by E.J. Wagner. When I was reading STALKING JACK THE RIPPER it was this book and the science explained in it that I kept coming back to. I learned so much about how forensics worked in the 19th century and found it fascinating how much of that related to the cases in Sherlock Holmes. I actually picked this book up because I was in the middle of my second read through of the collected Sherlock Holmes stories and wanted to see more of the real science. For anyone interested in forensic science or historical crimes this is definitely a book to read.

4. Recommend a book that will help people escape.

I’m going to go with THE BACKSTAGERS by James Tynion IV. I just read Volume 2 and I love this world so much. It’s about a stage crew at a high school and the world that exists behind the curtain. It’s a wonderful story full of mystery and magic and a cast of amazing characters that are all different from one another and I love this so much and definitely recommend it as a book to escape into. As it’s a graphic novel it’s even better because of how immersive and beautiful the illustrations are and how perfectly they fit the story. Similarly I’d recommend LUMBERJANES.


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