Critique Partner Resources

It’s 2019 and I’m on the hunt for a critique partner! And I figure with the new year and whatnot so are a lot of other writers who hope to be querying or revising projects this year, so I thought I’d share some places to look for CPs.

The WriteOnCon website recently launched a critique partner database, and the Writer’s Block Party Blog has a CP post that just went up on Jan. 1st.

As far as being a CP goes, there’s plenty of information all over the web, but here’s a list of one’s I’ve found particularly helpful.

Alexa Donne

Kim Chance

Susan Dennard

Publishing Crawl

Writer’s Block Party

P.S: These are great resources for more than just critique partners! I highly suggest utilizing the vast amount of resources and knowledge these writers provide for all areas of your writing journey. Susan Dennard’s revision process helped me immensely in self-revising, and Alexa Donne shares advice on the publishing industry outside of just the writing.

There’s also just a few other places I’ll mention because they have forums where you can get advice and also potentially match with a critique partner.

National Novel Writing Month




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