Short Bio:

I began writing in elementary school with a story about an uncle keeping a dragon in the basement. From there I was published in school literary magazines, eventually going on to major in Strategic Communications with a minor in English at Oklahoma State University. Now I spend my days and nights dreaming of fantastical worlds and magical protagonists.

Long Bio:

I began writing as a child and never stopped. I was constantly getting grounded and having books taken so I’d sleep and do my homework.

While my reading taste includes a range of YA, MG, and Adult, fantasy, contemporary, and classics, I prefer to write YA Fantasy, though I usually go wherever inspiration leads.

A native of North Texas, I went to Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) and received a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications with a minor in English. Now back home, I’m spending every spare moment writing, reading, or thinking about writing and reading.